Fobus Level 2 Thumb Lever Roto Holster


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I recently decided that I needed a new holster for winter carry (OWB is my preferred mode of carry during the fall and winter) and had narrowed my choices down to the Blackhawk Serpa and the Fobus Òevel 2 Thumb Lever Roto Holster. After lots of research, I went and purchased the Fobus on ebay. Has anyone ever used it? What do you have to say about it? (By the way, I'll be carry a Glock 22 in it).

In case you're wondering, here's the holster:

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I liked it, but ended up switching to another Fobus holster so I could have my Surefire light attached. I also have 2 Blackhawk Serpa holsters. Depending on what I'm doing, I'll use a different holseter. Generally around the house (since I can't carry off of my property) I use the Fobus.

Fobus Holsters

For my Glock 30 and my M&P 9c, as far as concealablity, I think the Fobus conceals better because it rides a lot closer to the body. I have found with my Blackhawk Serpa, it really sticks out off my hip. Even more so if use the belt slide attachementy rather than the paddle. Hence, I don't wear it much. I will likely be selling the Blackhawk on ebay soon.


I have had the holster for about a month and a half now, and I like it. At first the roto feature that adjusts the cant was kinda odd to me, but after using the allen wrench that was provided to tighten it, I have grown very fond of it. I just wish that this holster was available in a belt slide version; if one becomes available, I'll go right out and buy it.

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