Florida CWL law question..............


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Regarding Florida CCP law, this guys book is considered the bible:

John Gutmacher, esq
Olrando, FL

The book it on the 6th printing and he updates it about every two years. He combines the effects of both FL State and Federal Law. Best $27 I ever spent. You can often get them at gun shows for less--just be sure it is the latest printing.

He also has a blog and takes questions, as well as updating the book with changes in the law.

The book says that you should tell them only if they ask, as very few cops actually know the law since it is so complex. If the cop does find out, he ccan take it, unload it (separate the ammo and the gun) and then must give it back to you before he leaves.

Check out the book and the site, you will be glad you did.


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OK, I would NEVER touch my weapon under any circumstances during any Police activity. If the office wants the weapon, I will ask to be taken out of the vehicle, cuffed, and let him remove it. The downside to disarming yourself is what happens on the dash cam of the police car? You just went for your gun, what happens if the rookie driving by in another car sees you pulling the weapon? Bad news.
It is also my understanding that if they take your weapon, it is a ton of paperwork for the officer.

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I have never had a problem with LEO concerning carrying my pistol in FL and have been pulled over quite a few times while carrying. Every time I have handed my class W with my driver's licence. One time an officer thanked me for informing him after running a brief check and issued me a warning (loud music). Another time was for speeding, got pulled by FHP. He then rather jokingly stated "Well, my problem isn't with your weapon, its your driving however I'll need you to step out slowly so I can disarm you."

I slowly stepped out and without thinking went ahead and turned around / put my hands against my roof while telling him where it was on my hip. He pulled it, said I can get back in my car and came back with my unloaded pistol. He handed me the mag / spare round and placed the gun on the back seat for me. I signed my speeding ticket and he said I can reload it when I get to a "safe location" and put it back on. I pulled back over at the nearest divider and re-armed.

On another occasion I was stopped by FHP on suspicion (was lighting a cig and went over the lines a little bit). I wasn't carrying but had my Ruger in my glove box at the time (didn't have my class W yet). I informed the officer and he simply told me to "hand it to him", so I did, very slowly and carefully. I was issued a warning after my licence and such checked out and I explained what had happened.

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