First time Kahr owner - PM9 - range report


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Although I have been eyeing for a Kahr, but I went ahead to buy the PM9 is partly because of a post which shows their 2009 "new model" with safety and the warning message tattoo on the slide, this made me to hurry up to buy one before they might one day stop offer the nice/neat/clean "old model" . I bought a new PM9 2 weeks ago, it is a 7/2009 production, I finally took it out to the range today. The following is what I've posted on KahrTalk, just want to share with those who is considering a Kahr (or PM9).

I took my newly acquired PM9 out to the range today for the 1st time, it surely can shoot better than I can. :biggrin: I'm close to 200 rounds mark but decided to call it a day and complete the break-in next week.

I shot 4 brands of FMJ today: Winchester 115, Brazer (aluminum) 115, PMC 124, HSM 124. Except for a single incident that the slide remained open when there were still 3 rounds in the mag (happened with PMC, soon after the 36th round thru the pipe), otherwise it was smooth sailing, no FTF, no light strike, no stove pipe. I cannot be happier on the accuracy dept, it is accurate right out of the box.. all those outside of the back is operator error, I can out them back in the black as soon as I re-concentrate .

The only improvement I need to pursue is to save my pinky.. I do NOT have a large hand already, but my pinky tends to position at the bottom-rear of the 6 rounder ... it starting to hurt after 8~10 ma, I also felt the pinch by the gap between the grip and the mag. Shooting the 7 rounder is whole lot more comfy, but it sure looks ugly. I like the idea to retrofit the k9 baseplate which surely make the PM9 looks more "complete", but I may first give the Pearce extension a try.

All in all, I enjoy today's range time, it is very good in the accuracy department, it is the MOST comfortable to carry (among those I have and had owned), I am also very pleased that my piece functions very reliably, and I feel confident that it will.

Be safe!

Congratulations on your new PM9. I carry a Kahr daily. I have a PM9, PM40, PM45 and a E9. They can get a little rough on the hands. Get yourself a Hogue HANDALL grip sleeve and slide it on. It takes most of the abuse out of the PM series.
I love my CW9 as well... but I bought an 8-rd PM9 mag for it when I saw on Kahr's website what mags work with which guns.

The 8-rd PM9 mag doesn't leave that ugly gap at the bottom of the mag well, and a spare 6-rd mag is always nearby.

This is my first Kahr, and I'm really impressed. Crazy tight/strong recoil spring too... nice!

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