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On my way to work at nearly the witching hour, I was enjoying the open interstate. There's hardly any traffic at 11:30 PM, so I rarely have anything to worry about. I have my cruise control at 68 in a 70, when lo and behold, a Rogers PD car sitting where they usually are on weekends. It's the first time I've seen an officer on I-540 on the way to work in a few months. I'm going just under the speed limit, so I'm understandably confused when he pulls out after me. My first thought was maybe he's going somewhere on a call, but he gets right on me and, boom. Blue lights. Well, hell. I can't imagine anything I've done to warrant a stop, so I'm in a bit of a panic trying to figure out how to explain something I haven't done. He walks up to my passenger side, and I slowly reach over and open the door, since my window can't roll down. I explain that to him, then take a deep breath.

"Got your license and insurance?"

"Yes. Officer, I'm informing you that I have a CHL and the sidearm is on my left hip."

"That's cool, I'm not worried."

"...I...I was just wondering how you'd like to proceed..."

"It's no problem. What're you carrying?"


Traffic stop proceeds quickly and amicably, and he gives me a contact form. Not a ticket, or a warning. A FRIGGIN contact form. All it means in Rogers is "hey, we talked to you for a bit." Much better than any situation I'd dreamed up about getting stopped with a concealed handgun. A very professional stop by a very professional officer. It's nice to know I live in a city with good cops. I've never dealt directly with the very few bad ones we have.

Do you know why he stopped me? He said my license plate was so dirty he wasn't even sure what state it was. :hang3: I told him I'd clean it up as soon as I got to work. I don't know how he saw that in the dark at 70 mph, but ok.


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My first run in was about as good, except I got a speeding ticket! I was on 635 on the east side of Dallas when a Balch Springs LEO pulled me over for speeding. I told him I was CHL. He said "you aren't going to shoot me, are you?" Smiled, went back to his car and returned in a few minutes with my ticket and said have a great day.
Well, if Rogers is anything like Glenwood... it doesn't take but just a short spell of rain to get roads good and muddy enough to keep your whole vehicle looking like you've gone mudding!

But, in the end... no harm, no foul! Any LEO stop that results in NO tickets handed out is a good stop as far as I'm concerned! Sorry about the Balch Springs outcome Mike! :(


Rogers roads aren't the problem. My girlfriend lives at the end of a dirt road in a neighboring town. I was trying to be pragmatic by never washing my Jeep for two reasons: First, it's going to get dirty every day, so it's a waste of money in my opinon, and Two, it's a Jeep. It's supposed to be dirty. No self-respecting Jeep owner drives around without a little mud on it. :sarcastic:
... it's a Jeep. It's supposed to be dirty. No self-respecting Jeep owner drives around without a little mud on it.

Ha! I agree! I have a Jeep Sahara that rarely gets washed... never has doors on, and only gets a top (or a cleaning) when water falls from the sky! :)

Course... I'm on the Gulf coast of Florida and don't get into mud as much as I'd like these days.


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another good exp

My first leo encounter was driving to houston tx from ft polk la, i was doing 82 in a 70 and a dps officer pulled out of some bushes or something and i thought i was screwed, when he came up i handed him drivers license registration insurance and.. my fl ccw permit. he asked me to step out he asked me where it was and what it was i told him. he disarmed me unloaded it and placed it on the hood of his car. he began asking me about my 1911 i told him that i built it myself then he asked to see the rifle in my trunk... a GA Precision 700. after about 15 min of bullshitting he said good luck at my match have a nice day slow down.


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See they aren't all A-holes. I still haven't had any encounters with LEO's yet. Not even a license check, now watch I will get stopped tomorrow taking my wife in for her day surgery @ 6:30am LOL.


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....and, Two, it's a Jeep. It's supposed to be dirty. No self-respecting Jeep owner drives around without a little mud on it. :sarcastic:

Hah, reminds me of a Jeep I saw in a parking lot near my home. There were a couple of ladies and a guy getting into it as we arrived and it was so completely covered in mud that I had to ask, "What color is it?" one of the ladies responded, "I forget." :laugh:

Anyway, I've decided to make a new thread since my reply here was getting overly lengthy. Still wish my first stop after getting the CPL went as well as this one. That said, I've NEVER gotten a warning. Nobody in my immediate family has ever gotten a warning. It's just reality for us. We're always respectful and full of "Yes sir, no sir," but it doesn't seem to help us. :p


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1130 PM stop with a "dirty plate?" Thats like a plate lightbulb light out stop, fishing for a DUI. Sounds like a good LEO doing some proactive policing. I wish all stops went as smoothly as yours did.


1130 PM stop with a "dirty plate?" Thats like a plate lightbulb light out stop, fishing for a DUI. Sounds like a good LEO doing some proactive policing. I wish all stops went as smoothly as yours did.

It does irk me when going the speed limit or just under is suspicion for a DUI. I've been stopped once for 15 mph over, ticket written for 10 over, and 21 mph over, ticketed for 21 over. Within a week of each other. The Colcord, OK police and the Arkansas state trooper suggested I slow down. Now I don't know who to listen to. Maybe I should stay off the damn interstates! :hang3:


got stopped about a month ago for rolling through a stop sign on my own block. actually i pulled over when i saw the police car, before he even moved to get me. i had my p9 in my pocket and wondered if i should mention it. i gave the leo my license and reg and a pba card from a good friend on the force, and told him i rolled through the sign, he asked how well i knew my officer friend ,we go back 20 years i told him. he said have a nice day and left. i never brought up the gun and he couldnt see it. so it wasnt an issue. ive heard some say most leo's wont ticket people with ccw licenses, dont know if its true. cant say if i ever get stopped again i wont mention it, will see how it goes.


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Arkansas speed limits, SC cops

I work in Arkansas a good bit. Got pulled on a back road doing 38 over. I asked the officer if there was anything we could do about my ticket (which he wrote as 15 over). He said "Boy, you're lucky I'm not taking you to jail!" I agree.

Regarding the police and CWP, my instructor said that most police in South Carolina are pretty cool to CWP holders, even letting tickets go. Of course, there is the occasional exception.

Best to all,


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He probably had one of those gizmos that reads license plates and runs 'em on a database. And it probably glitched due to the dirt, so he went after ya. I'm sure BG's routinely muck up their plates.



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That's a great story. I laughed pretty good...thanks. Have yet to have that first experience, but I'm sure it is bound to happen sooner or later. Be safe.

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