Fantastic 4th of July!


Wow... That is all I can say. This 4th of July was hands down the best I've ever experienced, and think it is going to be a family tradition for sure!

We came down to Surfside Beach SC (10 minutes from Myrtle Beach), and the town of Surfside put on a great show! From 6-9, there was live music, blow up jumpers/slides for the kids, grilled food, ice cream, Fire truck for the kids to sit in, and lots of down home good people...

At 9:15, we were sitting on the beach, next to the Surfside Pier, and then it started - all at once... There were professional, and amateur fireworks as far as the eye could see, from as far north as N. Myrtle beach, all the way south to Muriel's Inlet. It was an amazing sight! I actually welled up with tears - hearing our nations anthem, Lee Greenwood, and Phillip Susa in the background, I just couldn't help it! It was absolutely beautiful!

I highly recommend it to anyone that can make it to the beach for the 4th of July, it is SO worth it!

They do put on a great show down there. I closed Myrtle Beach AFB in 93 and retired. Even then they had some of the best fireworks shows around.

I have a place on lake Greenwood and we go there for the 4th. We took our friends and family out on the pontoon cruising the lake watching all the fireworks on the 4th. It was great. All you could see is fireworks going off in every direction and I got choked up a little myself!

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