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OK, Ladies and Gents-

I've started a real doozey of a family fued, almost WWIII at my place. Well actually my brother-in-law's daughter started it when she sent an email entitled, "If you are blindly supporting a candidate...look no further" This blurb was supporting Hillary, 115%. So when she, my niece, added her points-of-reasoning, I promptly chewed 'em up and spit 'em out, first pointing out that it was her, not me who was blindly supporting a candidate.
Attached is one of our arguments. Can you tell which one is mine???

13. I am for STRICT gun control laws, because unfortunately guns are in the hands of too many children, who then bring them to school. No one should be able to buy a semi automatic weapon from a gun show without a background check. I am strict PRO gun. Thirty years ago, there was no gun control. You did not have to go through background checks, you could even order a gun from sears in a catalog. And guess what, kids didn't take guns to school, or go into McDonald's or Luby's and kill everyone in sight. Gun control really works! That's why Washington DC with a zero tolerance "no gun" law has the highest crime rating in the nation while Vermont, one of the freest states on gun control has the fewest crimes. And only police or military need semi automatic guns, right? What about the bad guys? The still have theirs. Do you really believe that they will turn their guns in when Hillary tells them to? I'm keeping mine just for that very reason...And yes dear heart, I did go through an extensive background check.

later - Sam

Good luck to you my friend. Just to have a bit more ammo in your arsenal you might want to do a copy and paste on that other thread the one about gun facts with back up. I have a feeling it could come in handy.
Thanx for the advise, Gunny.
But I think with this one, no amount of back up support
would help. You know, it's one of those, "Anyone-can-write-that-stuff"
senerios. I think that at the next get-together at my house, like for Easter dinner, I'll just convienetly have to spend it visiting my aged mother.
Later - Sam
I'm with ya Samurai. My Father has outed me to my Aunt who told 'everyone'. My Dad and I both figured it wouldn't be a big deal but, all the sudden I'm some kind crazy guy and I'm always asked if I'm packin' whenever I see any of my cousins or my Aunt.

I swear I could talk a ER Dr. into riding a motorcycle with out a helmet before I could convince them I'm not a gun toting nut.

Good Luck my friend.
Damn, I hate "closed minded" people. There are a lot of folks like that here in Hawaii. A lady was beaten to death by some thug with a LOADED SHOTGUN I casually mention that a good Samaritan with a firearm or even a Taser gun could have made a big difference. Folks here say "only bad guys need to carry guns". I point out that the guy with the shotgun was a convicted felon, the folks still think that only "bad guys" carry guns. :confused:

In these situations, what can you do? If folks don't want to listen to reason, then I usually find that it's best for me to move on to folks who will.

luckily most of my friends and family don't have a problem with guns. some of them are also gun lovers/hunters. and the one's who don't like guns... I sometimes give a "what if" and of course they agree that if some one was coming for them with a gun they can see how a good guy with a gun can be a good thing. I think a lot of them are afraid of guns because they have no idea how they work. they have never shot one, never learned anything about them. only hear on the news about how people with guns kill... I wish there was a way to educate the ignorant.
Take them shooting

The best way to win over an anti - seduce them with a good-quality handgun, explanation of firearms-handling and some bullseye targets during a couple of hours on the range!
Great point ecocks. We invited a group of borderline "anti" law makers to come out and observe one of our NRA pistol classes. At the end of the day half of them were still on the fence, the other half left with an understanding that there is a legitimate reason for citizens to own firearms. They were impressed with our safety procedures and had an excellent time hitting the "10" ring of the target placed 10 feet out. :) We now have 7 law makers that are more "for" than "against" citizens owning firearms. Hopefully if the vote is close, these 7 can make the difference in our favor.


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