Does anyone else here shoot competitions?


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I have been shooting IDPA for a couple of years now and I am getting ready to start IPSC/USPSC next month. I find that IDPA is extremely fun, the real world scenario's are great. :D

Uspsa is fun also. Need lots of ammo.Steel plates with my buckmark at 25 yards and red dot my favoite.
getting started

I shoot my first USPSA Classifier on Sun. Looking forward to it. The local club also does IDPA and I'm looking forward to that.
IDPA looks like a great training aid as well as fun. Regrettably, my nearest IDPA is at least one hour away, and not feasable right now.
Our club, Quaker Hill Rod and Gun Club, has matches every Saturday morning. They are run IDPA-ish. There are no restrictions, if you can carry it, we allow it. Sometimes BUGs and and shotguns are incorporated into the mix. Lotsa fun! :D
I shot a match in 2005

I shot the thousand yard match at Wendover Utah in 2005. My three kids did as well. We had a blast. It was a great life experience for the youngins.
i've shot ipsc handgun and three gun competitions for several years now. the competition is really with yourself. if you shoot this way i guarantee you will feel dramatcally more comfortable with your weapons, shooting and carrying. it's a great way to practice all elements of fire, grip, sight picture, controlled fire, movement, reloads, the list goes on. yes, you run through some ammo but how else do you get good at anything, practice. i reload, it saves me money,

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