Does anyone carry the Sig226 conceal?


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I'm just wondering what your choice of holster was, I prefer to carry in pants but I'm open for suggestions.
I'm comfortable with either side or middle back carry. Thanks for any response

I carry a P220 Carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck. I can carry my Star PD in the same holster with a little less trouble, as the wider grips of the Sig print a little more readily. But, it can be done.:biggrin:
I just got a Crossbreed SuperTuck for my P226 and it seems to be working really well. I am still breaking in the holster, still getting a little creaking noise from it, but I have only worn it for a few hours. It will print some with the right ( or wrong) movement, bending over, but for the most part unless you are really looking for it, most people would never notice.
The P226 was my duty gun. Tried IWB couple of times. Not fun. Was much happier with OWB carry in a DeSantis holster.
I carry a sig 226 (have been for sometime) I just picked up the 239 so it is a little easier for the summer (hot here in Reno).

I have a Galco Combat Master which is OWB is works very well with over shirt and ok with T shirt. I also have the Galco Avenger which will only work with over shirt. They are both good for all day carry, but you need a long shirt to cover the whole holster.

I also just picked up a Cross Breed Super Tuck for the 239. I tossed the 226 in it to see how it would work and surprising enough I can wear it with just a T-shirt. I think I will get another just for the 226.

Downsides to 226, it is heavier than the 239 so I have to keep my belt tighter. Also the butt will stick out if I'm not careful other than that I'm happy to carry the 226.

Also my 226 as Hogue grips so the butt is a little wider than stock.
I carry my 226 IWB strongside. Works well but I recommend thinking 2x about the extended capacity magazines in relation to your cover garment. The extra 1/2" makes a huge difference.
Waiting for my Milt Sparks versa max 2 holster to come in just in time for summer.
I have a Sig Sauer 226R and have two holsters. One is a Desantis and the other is a Galco. The Galco is made for concealed carry. I believe it is called the Royal Guard. I bought it from Optics Planet. I have been useing it for over a year and I like it very much. Optics Planet is very helpful and they are very good in answering your questions. They operate their business on the internet.They are very competitive and large. The holster I am thinking of purchaseing is the Skyops Holster made by Galco. I actaually saw a clip from You Tube about it. Some of the reasons I like it is that I already own a galco holster and I do not have problems with it. The other reason is that it will not scratch my Sig like a kydex or plastic holster. My suggestion to you is get some names of holsters and check them out on You Tube. Nutnfancy does gives rewievs and he is very good. He does not review the Skyop holster but the review for it is on You Tube. I hope you are successful in your search.
Check out the Uncle Mikes inside the pants holster. Link Removed. Its what i use and it fits my full size glock or my compact sigma. I use the open top one, but you might not like carrying a big gun in your waist line for long periods of time. I would get it strong side not center of back.
I just saw the Uncle Mikes inside the pants holster with the link that you gave. I still see the weapon, however the barrel of the weapon is inside the pants. With the Galco Skyops holster you do not see the weapon at all.
I have one holster for two P226s

I have a 9mm-ST and a nitron .40 S&W DAK, I use a Mitch Rosen Premier holster, OWB. The premier holds the P226 close into the body.
Just got my Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 holster, iwb. Works great and allows me to conceal my 226 under just a loose t shirt with a pair of jeans. Worth the wait time. :biggrin:
Concealment for Sig 226r

I have two holsters. They are both Galco. One is the Galco Royal Guard. The other is the Galco Skyops. The Royal Guard is comfortible and easy to draw. It is generally used with a open shirt, sweater or jacket. The Skyops is used with a dress shirt tucked in to your pants. The dress shirts covers the handle of your gun. It is not a fast draw holster. They are both worth the money and are excellant quality holsters.

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