Do you tell the CT State Trooper you have a CCW?

Some states require notification, if your state does and you are carrying then do so.
But if the state you are in DOES NOT require notification then keep your trap shut.
When you give more information than is required, you weaken the rights we have.
And over a period of time you will lose that right.
This type of stuff was argued out in your state senate, both points of view were presented, and your elected officials came to an agreement and the governor of your state signed it into law.
And some of you think you KNOW BETTER?

In NY, as I would guess like most States, it has to do with County policy more than State.
Bloomberg is the devil in NYC for any American who thinks they have 2A rights.

While this was over 25 years ago, I still recall my then girlfriend and I being pulled over in her car (she was driving and I was in the front passenger seat) because of a very bad case of mistaken identity. It seems that an armed felon with the same last name as my girlfriend owned the same make and model car as she had (though different year) and the police officers were acting as if they assumed I was the fellow they were seeking. As it happened, I was not carrying at the time; but I do recall the officers acting very belligerent and having drawn weapons pointed at me with no explanation until they finally realised that we really were who we said we were. As another poster said, if a police officer pulls you over, rightly or wrongly, the officer is assuming you have broken the law, regardless of how erroneous such an assumption might be.
I find myself posting this same video every few months. Please watch it. It is amusing, incredibly informative, and especially cogent to this discussion. If you carry a firearm, this should be at the top of your "must see" list.

YouTube - Dont Talk to Police

Thank you for continually re-posting the video as I have never seen it before and found it quite eye opening and informative. Thank you again.
I would not ... then again the only way for me to run into one would be if had gotten completely clobbered and drove until the gas in his cruiser ran out ... I am in NC and have no intention to go to CT .... sorry, had clown for dinner!

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