cwp holder in Boiling Springs lays one down


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Did you guys here about the cwp holder in Boiling Springs today on the news 8/29/11.When he came home from work pulled in his drive and started to get out of his car 2 thugs came at him with a piece of pipe in order to rob him.Little did they know he was a cwp holder who was carrying and he shot and killed one of them the other one got away but they are looking for him now. The good part of all this is they said it was a justified shooting and no charges would be filed.If this does not change other crooks minds about the life they chose I bet it did the one that ran away.


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I'd think so too. A couple of guys tried robbing a Dutch brothers (coffee kiosk) in Eugene, OR. One bad guy took a .45 to the face, the other ran away. 3 month paid vacation for the employee, and they changed their handgun rules at that company to allow them. I don't think the other bad guy will be robbing anywhere anytime soon.

And no I didn't hear about the other story. :)


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Sounds like a pretty straightforward case of self-defense. Nice that they came right out quickly and said the guy wouldn't be prosecuted.

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