Cops shoot criminal that shot K9


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The interesting point in this article is that the bullet recovered from the dog matched the gun the perp had AND his family doesn't believe he had a gun and said he wasn't a bad guy. Another case of parents needing to raise their kids properly and learn to/teaching them accept responsibility for thier actions and knowing there are consequences for those actions.

Police Chief Says Officers Shot Man Because Suspect Shot At Them
Jackson Allegedly Shot K-9 Officer

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper said the police officers shot 19-year-old Justin Jackson after Jackson fired shots at them. We initially believed Jackson was fatally shot after shooting at the K-9.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper said the officers' actions were justified.

Police said they were responding to shots fired when the K-9 handler and his partner encountered Jackson.

The police officers said Jackson refused to show his hands when walking along Arlington Avenue and then pulled out a 357 Magnum.

Police responded by releasing the German Shepherd K-9.

Jackson allegedly shot the 6-year-old K-9. It died on the way to a veterinary hospital.

The bullet found inside the K-9 matched the gun Jackson used during the incident.

Police said the 357 Magnum was reported stolen after a robbery in 2006.

Jackson's family doesn't believe he had a gun and said he wasn't a bad guy.

The officers who fired the shots are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure. The K-9 handler has been on the job for eight years, the other officer for three.

On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl spoke about the incident. He said, "The police dog was enforcing the law. It was the dog's job to make sure the residents are safe. This is something that has been difficult on the police force and difficult for us. We feel for everyone involved.

Same old song... My wife and I laugh over the local paper every time a BG loses. Almost without fail, friends, family and the like remember them as "good kids, well liked and great students". I wonder where all the bad guy, criminal types come from?:O_O:
I agree. If you were to listen to the family of the BG's they are always saints.
Maybe the dog shot itself. Yep, that must be exactly what happened. :burglar:

Or the police shot their own dog just to frame the "good boy".

I'd be interested in reading more about this. I could see a lot of bleeding hearts having a problem with the officers firing back not understanding that the law considers a K9 officer the same as a human officer.

Personally, I'm more upset by the dog dying than the BG.
one of those magic bullets that just so happen to match the gun that the bg had... except that he wasn't a bad guy.. hmm.. that's some pretty good manufactured evidence then...
Pitsburg could have rioting in the streets over this.Neadless to say it is not the middle class or upper doing it.
I must agree, every time this happens he was a good boy, good in school, went to church, and on and on and on, Take responsibility for your actions. He messed up and paid the price bottom line.
Since the BG didn't die, my question would be, what can he be charged with for killing the K-9? Just cruelty to animals?
I must agree, every time this happens he was a good boy, good in school, went to church, and on and on and on, Take responsibility for your actions. He messed up and paid the price bottom line.
Yep...that's the way it always seems to go. It's always, "He was finally getting his life back together" or "He was turning a new leaf."

In reality, most of those "new leaf turners" were career criminals, and had they lived, they probably would have just gone back to doing whatever it was they had done before in short order.

Here's an obituary. "Well, it's unfortunate that he died...but he was a pretty bad influence on a lot of people. His entire life was a tragedy mostly because he wasted it. At least he can serve as a warning for the younger generation."

Now, obviously we're all sinners...but making a net positive contribution to society is always appreciated. Some people do this and everyone notices; some do it and no one notices. Others either put on a contributing facade and are a negative influence, and still some don't even care, and seem to mostly be a destructive force.
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it is sad that the bad guy gets all the apathy. nothing towads the k9 or the officers that had to make the decision to defend themselves and maybe take a young life. i can't understand how society has come to the point of taking up for the bg and ganging up on leo or anyone else that protects themselves. back in the day if bg done something and got shot or killed, they would say the defender done what had to be done and no one took up for bg. it hate it when i hear commercials that say everyone needs to be tollerant to everyones situation. to me that's wrong. you know right from wrong and that has never changed but they want you to be tollerant and everything is ok. i'm not that way and that's not how i teach my children to be. for every action there is a reaction, good or bad!

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