Cop kicks handcuffed man in the head


Liberty or Death
Here is a video caught from a news chopper of a cop kicking a handcuffed man in the head.

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This is getting ridiculous. Police are supposed to 'serve and protect.' They are servants of the community. This is not Nazi Germany, this is AMERICA. We cannot put up with this crap much longer.

I see more than that last kick that I would deem excessive force. LEO are human but are supposed to be held to a higher standard. This video sure demonstrates that this is not always the case. Even the 'reason' given for the last kick is lame.
That is just not right. you would think they might relize you could be on video tape after it is caught time and time again and you are putting your job and maybe somebodys life at risk.
Imagine what would happen to a civilian kicking a cop the same way ?

Its likely this cop will only get a 1 week suspension and then resume his "authority"
Let me play the devils advocate.
I am in no way saying that what this officer did is OK, It was way out of line.As a past LEO let me try to give you a little incite to the other side.

The first thing that happens when you start a pursuit is you get a shot of adrenaline.
The next thing is the " Contempt of cop" thought proses. He is running....He is the bad guy. He is not respecting the badge or me. How dare him put my life and the life everybody on the road in danger. The longer the pursuit the worse it gets. If the suspect starts pin-balling off other vehicles you start thinking "I have to stop this guy no matter what". Now we are at the end of the pursuit, whether it is a wreck, spike strips, out of gas, whatever. ANOTHER SHOT OF ADRENALINE. I have to get cuffs on this guy. Does he have a gun? Knife? Will he fight or give up? The officer goes hands on. ANOTHER SHOT OF ADRENALINE

As soon as the cuffs are on you have got to be able to turn it off. I will tell you that I have had to leave the suspect with another officer and walk away. I have worked with true professionals that would be a credit to any department. I have also worked with jackass's that were just mean and were looking for a chance to hurt someone. Fortunately the bad ones don't seam to last long.

So to wrap this up,
Was the officer out of line.........Yes
Should he be disaplined.............Yes
Should he lose his job...............Maybe
Have I ever done anything like this....NO
Do I know what he was feeling.....Yes

Lets not lump all LEO into one pot
I must agree their job is a tuff one, one I would not what to do, but like most of you have pointed out that dose not give them the right to go over board.
RWD I do not think we are lumping all LEO together here, I know LEOs that are good at their jobs and do a fine job.
my step dad has told me about some stories in arizona about some cops and what some would do before they used so many videos... I guess a friend of his family has a husband who was a leo.. and they used to take guys that they caught out in the desert and beat the crap out of them. he said that is the way they used to take out their frustration from the work... and some I am sure just were bad cops looking for the next person they could get away with beating... just reminded me of when he told me this.. thank goodness most cops are good cops.

RWD I do not think we are lumping all LEO together here, I know Leos that are good at their jobs and do a fine job.

I agree completely. I spent a few years as a deputy sheriff and a confinement officer. There are many good LEO'S. There are a number that go to my church and are fine Christians. Sadly I have also met some that were on an ego trip and are border line psychotic. Like any other profession you are dealing with humans and human nature that it is you have the good and the bad.
Well put, HK4U.
I am getting frustrated at all the unneccesary police violence lately. I know there are good ones out there. I just think they are given too much power, and power corrupts. And many LEO's do things like this, how many OFF camera, we will never know. I think we should crack down on this kinda stuff harder. Kicking a handcuffed perp in the head should be more than a week vacation without pay.

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