Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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Free Holster

I like the Crossbreed Supertuck because it is an IWB type which makes carrying conceaaled easier and less change of printing that an OWB type holster


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I just started Open Carry here in Washington with no problems but a Sheriff did say that in high traffic areas I might want to conceal carry. So with that thought I would choose, Right Handed Glock 19 SuperTuck Deluxe. Bye the way great Idea!
Thanks Nick D.


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crossbreed giveaway

i would like the "mini tuck". that might be enough to convince my wife to get a ruger 380 for me!!


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The super tuck deluxe right hand looks like it would be the holster for me and my Glock 30
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Potent Combination and a chance to aviod the perils of early adoption

SuperTuck Deluxe
Left Hand
Cowhide Black
Gun:Ruger LC9
Combat Cut?:No
Velcro V-Clips: No

I work in an office and I needed a concealable and comfortable gun and rig combo. I just got the gun today (really today) and I am looking for the rig.

After doing my research on guns I decided on the Ruger LC9. It was small enough to be concealed easily but still pack enough punch to get the job done with some quality self-defense ammo and it was made in the USA by a company I have a great deal of faith in. I probably paid more than I would have if I waited for the market to be saturated, but like I said it is a need.

The second part of the equation is the rig. I usually try to look at the bad reviews to put the good ones in perspective. I have looked high and low for some negative press, review, opinion (I know mama always said they are like ... the anus, everybody has one and they are all full of you know what) about the SuperTuck Deluxe, but have not been able to find any.

It seems like a perfect combination; a reliable, concealable pistol with a decent amount of punch and a comfortable concealment holster to complement.

There is only one thing that could make it better...Winning the holster. Not only is winning anything great but it would help me make up the extra money I sunk into the gun.


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crossbreed holster

would love to own a crossbreed holster. unfortunately cant afford one, so im hoping to win one super tuck for my kahr cw 9 with a crimson trace laser. thankyou for your time.


I would like to enter for the Super Tuck Deluxe holster, it would need to be righthanded, prefer black for the Taurus PT145. It would sure be nice to win a sweet holster like this one..


I would have to pick a mini tuck for a kel tec pf 9. I have been highly impressed with the construction and material of the crossbreed holters. I have used a lot of iwb holsters and never found one that works as well as these holsters. I got to try one of a friends and loved it. Been wanting to get one but funds have not allowed it.


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I have a Supertuck Deluxe for my M&P, hope to get a Bodyguard 380 as my next firearm. With that in mind, my selection would be the Mini Tuck.


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Cross breed holster

I used a buddies cross breed holster for my XD 9mm full size. This is the best holster I have ever used. I would love to have a super tuck deluxe for my XD.


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MiniTuck LG-431

The MiniTuck works best for me in my work environment. Traveling in a car all and getting in and out to meet with customers, I need something more compact for comfort and not becoming "exposed". In South Florida it's hard to CCW and dress comfortably.
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