Columbus Dispatch: Guns in bars | One year later: "Carry fears silinced"


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Once again, pro-gun forces are right and anti-gun forces are wrong.

A year after the sound and fury over a state law allowing concealed guns in bars and restaurants, there has been silence.

Almost no incidents have been reported involving concealed-carry permit holders, and there has been no spike in violence as predicted by some opponents concerned about the volatile mix of alcohol and guns.

Guns in bars | One year later:


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Only incident I can recall was day 1 with that idiot in Cincinnati I think.
And he was drinking. We were glad to see him go.

I like that they reported the major upswing in women getting their concealed carry licenses too. I love the quote at the end.

Asked whether she brings her gun into restaurants, Walker replied, “Absolutely I do. “


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As I said when I responded to the article when it was 1st. posted here, Iowa has allowed guns in bars since Jan.1 2010 & to the best of my knowledge there have been no altercations there.


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I'm always glad to see another advancement for the Constitution.

The pro-gun spokes man gives me pause however with this statement: " Irvine said the number of concealed-carry permit holders in Ohio continues to go up. He attributes that in part to the passage of the guns-in-bars law. “I would guess some people got a license and began carrying regularly because they can carry in a restaurant now.” Emphasis added.

If the reason gun purchases have risen recently is because they can be carried into restaurants now, I have concerns about the people that are buying guns in Ohio.

I would hope the real reason for the increase is more and more people pressing for increased Constitutional freedom and the restaurant carry is a sideline bonus.


College campuses should be the next. That is the one place walking to and from car I felt most unsafe. Stupid

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