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House Bill 4155 has been introduced in The Michigan House to add Electro-Muscular Disruption Devices to the Conceal Carry Laws.

Weapons; licensing; provisions governing concealed pistol licensee's right to carry electro-muscular disruption device; revise. Amends title & secs. 5f, 5k & 5o of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425f et seq.). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4156'09, HB 4164'09
Last Action: 02/05/2009 - printed bill filed 02/05/2009

Michigan Legislature

From lines 11 and 12 of HB 4348
(a) Carry a pistol concealed on or about his or her person
anywhere in this state.

Golly gee does that mean no more CEZ??????
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From lines 11 and 12 of HB 4348

Golly gee does that mean no more CEZ??????

New Legislation Introduced in Michigan House - HB 4348
2009/02/19 - Link Removed 19, 2009

Introduced by Rep. LeBlanc, HB 4348 would eliminate Michigan's victim disarmament zones (pistol free areas). HB 4348 was referred to Committee on Judiciary Feb 19th. This is the most important bill on concealed carry since 2000. It eliminates "criminal safe zones" and hence will make Michigan safer than it is now.

Note: This Bill is identical to HB 4759 of 2007 which apparently died in committee.
reply from one of the reps in michigan. this one has a good head on his shoulders.

Thank you for contacting my office and expressing your support for HB 4348.

I am in agreement with you on this issue. A well-armed populace is the greatest deterrent against crime. I support this bill in its current forms, and as a member of the Judiciary committee, look forward to aiding its passage to the floor for a vote.


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