Carry A Copy Of The Constitution And Money - Get Harrased

Had money and the Constitution with him. How dare him. Where does he think he gets off. He better be glad he did not have a copy of the Bible also. They would have had to shoot him on the spot.:fie:
This happened a couple of months back. While I do not carry large sums of money on me (Are you kidding? I don't even know what "large sums of money" look like!), I DO carry several copies of the Constitution on me at all times - my personal copy and a few to give away. And sometimes I have a small Bible on me, too.

With the stickers on my truck, I'd probably be pulled over and executed on the spot in some parts of this country, especially when they found out I was licensed to carry concealed. But where I live, most people think like me.
4 grand isn't a LOT of money. Yeah its a nice chunk of change, and I'd rather not have it on me in case someone decided to rob me, but IMO its hardly an amount to even become suspicious about. What can you buy for 4k anyways? a couple EBRs, a couple pistols, and ammo (IF you can find it) but detaining someone for 4k? Thats a little absurd.
As some other stated back then, people normally carry more than $4G when they're going to (or from) Las Vegas. That's chump change for a lot of gamblers. This guy was picked on deliberately, and only when some big shot got involved and quietly told the TSA to back off did they let him go.

Remember, we're all right-wing extremists and potential terrorists. If you post on this forum, you are an enemy of the government.

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