Can school employees with CHL carry at work?


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Below is an quote from the CCW page on the metro website:

"Carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is punishable by a category C felony.

Prohibited Locations
A permit holder must NOT carry a concealed firearm into:
Any facility of a law enforcement agency.
A prison, city or county jail, or detention facility.
A courthouse or courtroom.
A public airport and/or a public building that is located on the property of a public airport.
A public building that has a metal detector at each public entrance.
A public building that has a sign posted at each public entrance indicating that no firearms are allowed in the building.
Any facility of a public or private school without written permission.
Any facility of a vocational/technical school, or the University of Nevada, or Community College System without written permission.
Any other building owned or occupied by the Federal Government, the state, or local government.
Any other place where carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited by state or federal law.

The above provisions do not apply to a judge in the courthouse or courtroom he presides or employees with his authorization. They are also not applicable to the employee's of the above facilities. Violation of this section is a misdemeanor."

Does this mean school employees can carry at work without written permission? I find it hard to imagine that is the case, but I would like to know the facts. Thanks for any information.


I wish it were true, but...

I draw your attention to NRS 202.265 which outlaws carrying of firearms openly, concealed or in your vehicle in the following locations; K-12 schools, colleges/universities and licensed chidcare facilities. This prohibition applies not only to the building but the real estate the building is on. If you do not have written authorization to carry a firearm from the appropriate entities in authority, don't do it. Park your vehicle off property. UNLV students who CCW or keep a firearm in their vehicle park off campus.

The employee exemption only applies to public buildings that are not K-12 schools, colleges/universities or licensed child care facilities.

We can thank Assemblyperson Kirkpatrick for adding the licensed child care facility prohibition this last legislative session under the guise of child safety was an amendment to SB354. We need to express that displeasure at the ballot box this year and push to have that prohibition repealed while it's still a hot potato.

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