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I have a old 32 Auto that is made by Colt. It is a auto and shoots very crooked. The slide is very loose and it needs reblueing. Can it be built up on the slide an made to shoot straight? I don,t know about the barrel. It has a 1800 pateint on it. Thanks!

Take it to a good gun smith and watch it become new again, unless it is worth more the way it is.
Could be many things causing it to shoot funny. Is it shooting all over the place or grouping just not were you aim? If its grouping then the sights may just need to be adjusted. How many rounds have been through the barrel? The barrel may just be warn out and needs replaced. If there is alot of play in the slide, side to side, that can cause the point of aim to change each time also. The slide can be reblued but can not be built up. If it was nickle plated they could layer the copper under the nickle but don't think that would last very long.

If the slide is very lose you may want to send it in to colt and have them check the specs on the frame rails and the slide. If just the slide is warn then you may have to replace the slide.
Back in the day they would peen it to tighten up the slid. BUT! Take it to a top quality gunsmith for this. However if this is an old gun I do not think I would miss with it to much as it may be worth more as it is
The slide can be tightened but that isn't the only thing that could be messing with the accuracy. Barrel lock up is another big one.
Just my two-cents but I would leave it as is. You will destroy any collector value by messing with it.

Also, if you go to the expense of restoring it, what do you have? A mechanically inferior pistol (i.e., safety features, etc.) in a mostly useless caliber.

Unless there are strong sentimental factors here, I would leave it as is.

(PS... Would be willing to bet that Colt will not touch it.)

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