Basement shooting gallery


Airgun of course!

I picked up an air rifle about a month ago. I picked up a pellet trap along with so I could shoot in the basement or back yard.

Well, I got a little bit bored with just the trap. We had an old entertainment center under the staircase, and a couple of old rugs out in the garage.

I tried a test shot to make sure the rug would stop the pellet (I run a little under half-power on a 10-pump airgun). Worked out good, so I managed to cover the whole back with rugs (2) to keep from bouncing around in the basement.

I stuck a couple of nails to hang things from in the main portion of it. All in all, it cost me basically nothing and is quite entertaining.

With the leftover cardboard backing you can tape paper targets in there as well. It's got a few shelves to stack things up. I had a lot of fun already :)

Always use proper eye protection!

practice practice practice...........:biggrin:
I go down to the back 40 set up a lil spinner I made, a few cans and fire in the hole!!!!:laugh:
Haha, I wondered if anybody would notice that. That seat's a spare, my son's not due for another week or so.

Still fun and convenient to practice trigger technique down in the basement. Maybe if I made a big dirt box for the back it could do .22......hmmm....

Nah, probably not a good idea :biggrin:

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