At least we don't live in France


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While there may be many problems with this country there is no where I would rather live.

Sarkozy told French radio: "Security is the responsibility of the state. I am against the private ownership of firearms. If you are assaulted by an armed burglar, he will use his weapon more effectively than you anyway, so you are risking your life."

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Is not my life also at risk when being assulted by an armed burglar?

Sad to hear about the girls story.
It is sort of surprising

The attitude over here is odd. While the people are not docile, the vast mjority of them are honestly bewildered at the least thought of taking up arms against "the state." They express themselves vocally most of the time or occasionally by pushing and shoving. I was surprised at the description of hunting rifles being used against the police. The police acknowledge that they rarely practice with their firearms, mostly due to not being able to afford the ammo costs. Except for their elite units, they must pay for the ammo used for practice and qualification. One of them told me that it isn't like America, "IF one of us shoots somebody WE will spend the night in jail while it is sorted out. None of us wants that, it's too dangerous." The same cop told me that in the last year, he had fired less than 20 rounds through his .380 and then only for qualifying. I keep wondering what will happen if one of these guys carrying a Kalishnikov on those ATM cash supply vans ever has to open fire.

I have a feeling that the marksmanship level is considerably lower than ours, primarily due to that mentality about guns and secondarily due to the cost of ammo combined with a lack of places to shoot. My step-son, normally a responsible young man of 21, did his compulsory military training this last summer. I watched, horrified, as they dismissed a unit of 104 recruits with only 2 weeks of training who were armed with brand-new AKS-74's. They then mingled with a crowd of about 200 family, friends and children where they were posing for pictures all around me. Some pointing guns at the photographers, others holding their buddies in a headlock with the 74 at his temple, still others pretending to be shooting their younger siblings or friends for the photo opp. Twice I was angry at them being intentionally pointed at me and was very aware of them waving them around for effect. I was told to lighten up, it was okay because no one had ammo and it was perfectly safe since the weapons were not loaded. I have been invited to go hunting a few times and also shoot the little handguns (4mm) carried by a few of them. Truthfully, I am a little un-nerved at what that experience may show me.
And he isn't even French, he's Hungarian. I have been to France several times, and for him to say he is against private ownership of guns, there sure is a lot of people who own guns. He wont be in office for long.
Yeah, I know

Ecocks, do not go shooting with them.

Safety first of course, but I have to admit it has been 20 months years since I went to the range. My guns are locked in a big truck cargo bin back at my family home and (sniffle here) I miss shooting. I have learned (the hard way) to be careful over here. If I talk about going to the range or weapon types there is an even more rapid knee-jerk reaction to "the American gun nut" than back at home.

Sigh....may have to make a trip home this summer and schedule a course at Range Master with one of my friends to try and catch up. Love the opportunities in Europe but the culture, especially the differences on freedom, is beginning to wear me down a bit.

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