anyone know where i can get...


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extended makarov magazines?

I might try a gun show. There is almost always a lot of various magazines for sale by a number of dealers.
How would an extended magazine for a Makarov work?
The Makarov's heel magazine release would be a problem, since an extended magazine would not be able to lock into place.

There were some hi-cap Makarovs imported several years ago. But, the magazines were not interchangable with the standard Makarov. The hi-cap Makarov used a double stacked 13 round magazine and the standard Makarov used a single stacked 8 round magazine.
a makarov was on my list a while ago to buy... but they wanted too much for a russian made one... I bought ammo for it first (which I still have) but still no gun... maybe I should settle for a bulgarian one... hmm.. anyway I used to have some sites saved for makarov accessories.. let me see if I can find them..
Extended Makarov Magazines?

I have two Makarovs. Bought the first one in the mid 80's. I've been looking for any/all assessories available. I have never seen an extented magazine for them.

Good Luck on your quest..:mp230603214546Murde
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