Any Runners Out There?


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I have a pants question.....

Now that I've taken up jogging/running, I'm needing new exercise pants. For now, my polyester work uniform pants are fine for when it's still relatively cool. However, Memphis summer is coming, and I'll need something to run in. The only option I have now is khaki there something better that I can run in and still carry? I don't think I'd like the feel of a fanny pack bouncing up and down while I run.

Running and Concealing Weapon

This could work. Also look into 5.11 undershirts. I use one and it works well! I tuck away my PPK or S&W snubbie scandium These are form fitting and I wear a loose fitting t-shirt, size XL over it.

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Take a look at this. I ordered one a couple weeks back. Have not tried it running yet. Walking right now hoping to get back to some running.

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I wish that I could give you some words of wisdom, but the only running I do any more is to run to the refrigerator during commercials.:icon_cheesygrin:
I personally believe i would try to wear shorts with a belt and an IWB holster. However, I do believe a Smartcarry would work.
Smaller, lighter handgun?

I carry my Kel-Tec P-32 in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster while running wearing shorts and t-shirt.

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