Another dumb question.


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Didn't think to put this in the last post. In Fla. you get a Weapons Permit. This allows you to carry almost anything concealed, pistol,bat,baton, pepper spray, auto kinives etc. Pretty much anything except explosives or ballistic knives.
What about Tenn.? will I have to give up my auto knives and spray? My deadly fungo bat?

In TN it is a Handgun Carry Permit. It only allows you to carry a handgun(s), either open or concealed, but nothing else.

You can carry chemical spray, there is no law against it.

You can carry a knife with a blade of less than 4". You can not carry a switch blade.

You can carry a baton, if you have had trainging in the use of it by a person certified to teach the use of a baton.
Just to add in SC the CWP only covers a firearm of less that 12" along its maximum length. It doesn't cover anything else. However tasers and pepper spray aren't covered anywhere so you are good to go with them. I can't really say about your abton or fungo bat, you will have to look that up yourself. :triniti:

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