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Here we are at a campground for three nights! $106.!!!!! I can't believe it, Thats what what? $35. a night? I still ASK "Where can I go?":drag:

Oh yea! The motorhome is not ready for a long trip. One thing for sure I am geting a new matress ASAP...
I'm still envious... Here I sit with a one week old total hip replacement. All I can do is look outside and think of the 5th wheel taking its winter nap in storage. The upside is that this coming season, I should be a lot more mobile and able to do things I haven't done in a long time.

Camping is at least one of the things we can do in S CA without to many restrictions. As long as you are in National Forest, BLM land you can pull your turck up any fireroad and spend the night This is all primitive sleep out camping but for a quick retreat to the hills without much fuss I think it's woth it.
It's getting very hard to camp at any RV park and come out cheaper than staying at a Motel 6. Boondocking is the only way to go if you want to save money.

Sometimes I do stay at RV parks, but having my toys with me helps make it worthwhile.
With all the leftover meth lab mess found under the motel beds around here I prefer to stay in my camper even if it costs a little more. Bad part is it's not just the low end's but some pretty high dollar places.
Personally I despise camping and campgrounds. I can see no point in driving somewhere and pretending to be a homeless person for a weekend. The only time I’ll ‘camp’ is if I’m spending the night at a trailhead to get an early start in the morning. I love backpacking however, and prefer to hike in and set up a tent somewhere remote and peaceful.

The Summit of Mt Colonel Bob in the Brother’s Wilderness:


Lake 3995 in the Wonder Mountain Wilderness; eight hour hike mostly off-trail and up steep terrain:


Watson Lakes, about a six hour hike but on a well established trail:

Here we are at a campground for three nights! $106.!!!!! I can't believe it, Thats what what? $35. a night? I still ASK "Where can I go?":drag:
i don't know where you are from or what your laws are there, but here in Arkansas you can have a primitive camp in the national forrest for up to 90 day's after that time you have to move 75 yrds. and your time starts all over again. i became disabled and could not work anymore and lost my place on the lake so i moved to the national forrest for a year and a half. i was checked by the sheriff office and forest service several times and they told me i could not be there and i pulled out my game and fish rules and regulations and showed them where it said i was leagle. i also informed them i susstaind my disabling injury durring my 13 years of Army service and told them that this is my national forrest as much as anyone's. i finaly started getting my v.a. service connected disability and two years later i was adjudicated 100% by s.s. :pleasantry:

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