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I just happened to be walking past the tube and saw John Walsh standing next to a car door full of bullet holes, so I had to sit and watch. Wouldn't you know it was about 3 Mexican gun-runners. That wouldn't be so bad if the "statistics" included in the story wern't so misleading, or downright false.

They show a video of a full auto AK-47 being fired at a target, then talk about an AK in the US selling for about $600 at a gun store being worth twice that in Mexico. If anyone knows of a gun store that has full auto AKs for $600, please share that info with me.

Then they mention that about 8000 guns were traced to the US in '07 and '08, while the # from the ATF is actually 5114. Walsh also conveniently failed to mention that the total guns seized was 29,000, Meaning that only about 17% come from the US.

There was also a reference made to a FN 5.7 as a "'cop killer' because it can shoot through Kevlar". No mention of the type of ammo used.

Obviously I don't condone gun-running and I support the stated purpose of AMW, but I would have thought that one of the only credible networks left wouldn't have composed such a factually twisted episode.

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