About to be jumped by 15 people.......


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Ok here is a scenario to think about. I was talking to some friends today and noticed several of them had black eyes. When I asked about it they shared this story with me. Four of them were out playing basketball at a public court. A couple kids came along wanting to play. Well, it sounds like the only reason they wanted to play was to start a fight. Finally after taking there crap my friends told them if they were going to play dirty they were not welcome to play. Then one unwelcome dirt bag start pushing one of my friends. Then all of a sudden there was a good 15 people around them. Well, my friends were finally able to fight there way off the court and to there cars but all suffered a good beating.

You are one of the four on the court. What do you do?

What else can you do? Not likely you're carrying your gun and drawing down on 15 guys is gonna get you killed. If one of them isn't armed then they'll beat you to death for pulling a gun.

Not too likely these days that they'll ALL run scared.
You are one of the four on the court. What do you do?

I try not to be there to begin with. No offense, but that doesn't sound like the best neighborhood in the world. We had 152 murders last year (probably a few more when some more bodies turn up) and I don't want to join them.
It happened to me!

One night, years ago when I was single, I went to my favorite watering hole. I was a regular and it was a nice place. Most patrons were young professionals. Started talking to two young women who I had never met. Turns out they were in the Navy and their ship was docked at the pier over the weekend for a fleet week. Their plan was to bar-hop along the main street downtown. I offered to drive since they were carless. ( I'm not interested in posts about DUIs or carrying in a bar, just relating what happened.) In every bar we hit there were more of their shipmates, all piling into my T-bird along the way. The last stop of the night had TWELVE of us climbing out of the car. At closing time, one of the ladies decided to hang out with the bartender "after hours";). It was a loss for me but at least I had a good time. With the door locked and us on the street, I offered a ride back to their ship. They declined. Then one of the sailors- there's always one- lost all sense of reason. Being very drunk and beligerent(sp?), he was pounding on the door and shouting for the girl to come out. He was really making a scene and I was nervous that one or all of us would get picked up for drunk in public. His fellow sailors did nothing but smoke cigarettes and talk amongst themselves so I took it upon myself to pacify the unruly one. He wasn't having it and became angry, directing his anger at me. Then it happened- he pushed me away and snarled "I'm gonna f#$% you up!" Now his friends were paying attention and they spread out almost on line, advancing toward me. Instinctively, I drew my pistol but did not level it, keeping at a low ready. They froze and I swear I heard a record scratch. I told them I didn't want any trouble, got into my car and went home. I parked on the street annd "relieved myself" on the side of my house. When I came around front, the blue and reds were flashing. I approached the police with my hands out to the sides. They took my pistol, put me in a car, and questioned me. I told them exactly the truth. One of the officers said that I can't draw if I'm only gonna get my ass kicked. Already knowing the answer, I asked when I could draw. He quoted the statute "when you fear death or serious bodily injury" I responded by saying 12 v. 1 is at least serious bodily injury. In the end, they took my gun overnight and let me go. The shift sgt. took my side and no charges were filed. Found out later that the bartender saw it go down through the window and called 911. The sailors feared drunk-in-public and/or assault charges and didn't call.

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