A New Henry Rifle...TWINS!


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A month ago I bought my son a Henry H001 Lever Action 22. I was so impressed with the smoothness of the action and the quality of the rifle that I bought myself one. We spent about 2 hours today at the range shooting them. It was a blast. They are accurate and smooth to operate. So, next on my list is a Henry Big Boy in .357 to go along with my Ruger Blackhawk. Anyone else have any experience with the Henry rifles?

That's a great question OZ Thanks for asking, I'll have to +1 on your question of Who's had the experiance with Henry Rifles? I was thinking about a "Big Boy" in .44 mag. The only thing I thought was negative was they may be too pretty for whitetails!
Yes they are really nice. I bought my son's Henry because he had been drooling over a lever action rifle. He is really a long gun kind of guy and I on the other had am more handgun oriented. I used to hunt a lot. I hunted whitetail deer in south Arkansas for many years using bow, muzzle loaders and modern rifles. My illness a few years back put a stop to that but I still like to go to the local range with my kids.
Anyway, I really liked the rifle I purchased for him and was thinking about buying one for myself. I started doing a little more research and found a video made by the RFD channel on the Henry line of rifles.

Henry Repeating Arms

I was sold and bought another H001. After reading some independent reviews on the Henry vs Winchester in lever action big bore I decided that the Henry Big Boy would be my next purchase.

I emailed Anthony Imperato of Henry Arms and got a reply back the same day from him personally. Since then I have emailed him about what I thought of his company and his response has never taken more than 24 hours.

Customer service is a big deal to me. Henry has exceeded my expectations not only in the quality of their firearms but in customer support as well. I realize I am only one customer but I get the feeling all of Henry's customers are treated the same.

Too pretty for whitetails? Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Think we could talk them into a parkerized version?

Thanks for the reply, sir! Bob NW Arkansas
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