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I just finished watching "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster.I'm not usually into dramas,but it featured a chick with a gun,so I checked it out.It was actually pretty good.It,to me,demonstrated a couple of things that have been talked about here and elsewhere.One being the issue of situational awareness.If the two victims had it,the movie would have went nowhere,because they would have gotten away.The other was the sad state of New York City.I DO understand that it was just a movie.But I also know that for reasons beyond my understanding,New York City,and other big cities and some entire states would rather have their citizens be helpless victims than be responsible for their own safety and be able to defend themselves.I won't say much more because,if you want to see the movie,I will be ruining it for you,and I don't want to do that.But,in my opinion,it was a good one.I am not advocating vigilantism or breaking the law.But you can't help wanting the vigilanty in a movie to get away with it,when they are just seeking justice.
You can only count on one person.You.

My wife and I saw it when it first came out. Kind of a Charles Bronson Death Wish type of movie with the vigilanti a lady this time. Pretty good movie.
Other than the one guy, I didn't think she was much of a vigilante. Just doing what anyone of us would have done I guess.

Kinda hard to comment on this one without ruining the movie but, I went out and bought it after this post. I liked it.
There is always one who disagrees

I guess I will have to go out on a limb here and say I hated the movie for what it made of CCW. Yeah sure its a good Death Wish type movie, but it damages peoples perspective of CCW people. Its bad enough that people think CCW means wild west shooting and that cars blow up in spectacular fireballs when you shoot at them. Unfortunately, people including voters get their knowledge from hollywood. You take one to a range and they are shocked that a gun actually kicks...hmm...the ones in the movies don't. Here is my big beefs about the movie.

She obtains her gun illegally. This is the crap that makes politicians associate all ccw as just more crimminals with guns. We go through the BS of classes, paying for permits, renewing permits, or wait periods. Why because we want to follow the law, even if we don't agree with it. Sure their may be the occasional carrying in a store that is gun free, ect. But for the most part we want to be on the laws side, even if we think that self defense is inherent, and that a permit is crap.

Next, we all go out and get some sort of training. Most of us dont carry willy nilly and in many places are required to take a basic course. We dont learn to use the gun on the fly as we murder people to get our range practice.

Next, granted scumbags are scumbags, but we are self defense oriented. Shoot to stop, not to wound or kill. You look at those 2 million crimes stopped by guns and only a few hundred are actual shootings. Many times the presence of a gun with a BG is enough to deescalate the situation. Several times in the movie Jodie shot to kill, even when they were not a reasonable threat. The dude with the knife deserved atleast a draw and maybe a shot. His friend was not currently a threat, yeah she put one through the head.

On the plus side its a great demo of a typical gunfight, close and quick. And a good plus for situational awareness.

Yeah I know that we all probably would want to track down the BGs who beat us up and finish the job, but vigilantism is something that need not be associated with CCW. In such a shaky time with all these shootings we are already on the fine line. All we need to be is associated as judge and jury. I for one would not promote this movie at all, then as just a hollywood vigilante movie. I would not associate it anywhere near CCW. Jodie herself talked about her desire to do the film to explore the way a person turns when something happens to them and how EVERYONE with a gun becomes a different person.

Sorry to break the bubble. I love these type of movies, I'm a big fan of THE MECHANIC, a bronson film a few may know. But, we stand in between the antis and those who do not know us well. We don't want them associating unlawfulness and murderers with us. All right, now you can send the flames my direction. :)
Wow! I'll watch the movie again tomorrow because now I feel like I missed something. I guess since I don't think like an anti I don't really notice things like her purchasing the gun illegaly. I just figured it would stall the movie if she waited 30 days and at least as far as the first BG going down, I dunno that I would've turned and run away for fear of being shot in the back.

You made me feel like an ass, Mr. Whip but, that's a good thing because it makes me think.

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The newest Andrzej Wajda’s movie Katyn has been nominated for Oscar in the category of the best foreign language film of the year. Did you see that film?
Hm...Well,Whip,while I agree that we do not want to be associated with the image of a vigilante,remember,in the movie her fiance was beaten to death,and she nearly was.Remember also that you have to wait 30 days to get a firearm in the Repubelick of New York.(I assume from the movie,I do not know,actually)She really did not have much choice in that.Some of your points I do agree with.I also,just thaought it was a good movie.I try to educate everyone I interact with about the reality of firearms and the people who use and carry them(even if they don't want to be educated).So I guess our opinions differ on this one.
By the way,I also liked the Death Wish movies.
Actually NY inner city is even worse in obtaining and even owning a gun, and I believe the 30 days is true. I very much understand her motivation due to the death of innocent. My big problem with the movie is its timing and the subway scene. The subway scene takes a page out of reality in the subway vigilante. The man Bernhard Goetz, illegally carried a weapon around with him. He was surrounded one day by 4 or 5 men who wanted to rob him. The situation described in reality was much more threatening than the movie version. In both, the shooters drew their guns and took down everyone at scene who was a threat without even an attempt to follow rules of force. The subway vigilante was aquitted of murder after a long trial and served a year for illegal gun possession. However, the case boosted many antis up in popularity that we are now fighting now. I loved the movie, but I've heard too many people say its a good CCW movie and I just think that this is the wrong image for the group collectively to have. A true CCW movie, however, would be rather boring. Either because she would have been gunned down in killed within the first 15 minutes because she was still waiting that 30 days, or a shot would never be fired. Death Wish although still a vigilante type movie, I think shows the state of NY even back then much better as the police search through tenant apartments and confiscate all the good guys guns. Differences of opinion are good, thats what makes the wheels go round. :) I just fight antis a bunch and tend to see that "I graduated from Hollywood U" personality and behavior.
As I posted on other sites, I haven't seen the movie and have decided to boycott it. The reason is Jodie Foster's hypocrisy in making the movie and then coming out anti in an interview after release.
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I didn't view it as a ccw movie,just as a movie.
I did not know about Jodie Foster's view on firearms.If she is truly anti,then I wont see any more movies with her.

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