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Got this on a news feed of SC legislative stuff just now:

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill Tuesday keeping state lists of residents with concealed-weapons permits private.

The House-passed bill, sponsored by Rep. Mike Pitts, R-Laurens, restricts the circumstances under which the State Law Enforcement Division can release such lists to requests from law enforcement agencies involved in an investigation, subpoena and court order.

SLED does not release such lists, according to Lexington Sen. Jake Knotts, a retired police officer and committee member, but he said the agency is under pressure to do so.

“This gives them something to stand on,” Knotts said.

Knotts and other senators said requests for release of the information are designed to serve open government, but feed Internet enterprises and media snooping. “They have absolutely no reason to have this list except they want to have more knowledge and be in everybody’s business,” said Sen. John Hawkins, R-Spartanburg, who supported the bill.

The measure was amended to require an annual report be published by SLED profiling the transactions of gun permits in the state, such as the number issued, denied or renewed each year.

The bill also was amended to require that all existing lists of permitted gun carriers be destroyed under penalty of law once the bill is enacted. Other changes are expected in the bill when it reaches the Senate floor, legislators said.

Great news! Now if they'll just start reciprocating with FL so I can see my friends AND protect myself.......
It's actually a good thing that it wasn't on the news. That way it kept all the anti gun lobbyist out of the way. I know one thing that the Brady bunch wants is names and addresses of permit holders. Good bill!

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