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    Dupont State Forrest

    Well I have a few conflicting links here.... NC STATE bill hb650 made it legal last year to carry into a state park with a CWP HOWEVER, the rules for the park quote that as illegal...but are 3 years old... Law regarding a park definition...
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    Concealed carry in national parks

    Hmm... So what happens if you are carrying somewhere that is specifically forbidden in your state and you save lives. Based on this, it sounds like a hell of a defense ..... IE : In both Carolina's you can't. Carry anywhere they serve alcohol. Applebee's etc. So what if you carried and you...
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    should I ???

    Ok... I am really on the fence here.... I am flying to Birmingham tomorrow afternoon and will be there for 2 nights and 3 days.... My NC permit is valid there.. I'll be out at night both nights. And with customers.... Should I packed it?? Currently I carry a full size 1911..... Is it worth...
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    hillary commits to UN Small Arms Treaty

    Link Removed is broken.. hmmmm.
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    OC and CC question...

    Ok.. So I will be travelling to GA again.. and this time I will be in and out late at night... So without sounding like a Troll..Let the good times rolllll..... :) here are my questions and circumstances... 1. I have a current NC CC permit. I had a GA Permit about 15 years ago as an AD...
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    Waffle House Shooting (Good Guy Wins)

    Localgirl... It aint just waffle house.... It was the combination of the time, and the location... I have eaten at the WH during regular hours.. and not been worried.... NOW at 1 AM??? um... not normal..... ALOT of places have been robbed.. EVEN MCDONALDS!!! Here is a youtube of that...