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    America is a Christian Nation

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    America is a Christian Nation

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    America is a Christian Nation

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    America is a Christian Nation

    Can, yes. (So could any kid in a decent high school that teaches real science). Inclination to defend established science to the narcissistically ignorant as if there's some kind of legitimate debatable issue involved, absolutely none. Link Removed
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    America is a Christian Nation

    It doesn't require a highly-evolved brain to understand how idiotic and ignorant this graphic is. Of course, the question on it isn't asked for the purpose of eliciting an answer. Its purpose is to get nods of solidarity-affirming approval from other people with not-so-evolved brains.
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    America is a Christian Nation

    Unfortunately a growing mountain of research is showing that what historical evidence there is, is bogus...that even the most meticulous historians and chroniclers of the time didn't even mention anybody called Jesus, or Christianity, or any resurrection, much less somebody who did the other...
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    Obama Uses Coffee Cup To Salute Marines

    Obama isn't alone: Link Removed
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    Climate change must-watch/read

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    America is a Christian Nation

    The three things most conspicuously and disingenuously ignored--and intentionally fabricated and misrepresented--by "Christian nation" proponents are facts, history, and constitutional law.
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    Revised Flag

    Link Removed For use during tea party death watches and related celebrations
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    Persecution of Christians

    It's hard to tell whether this is accurate or not, or a mixture of fact and fiction. Unfortunately, Christians have a long history of fabricating tales of persecution and then endlessly repeating them as established fact until they are just assumed to be true. (Great book, by a professor of...
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    Political Aphorisms

    If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno~ The problem with political jokes is they get elected. ~Henry Cate, VII~ We hang the petty thieves but appoint the great ones to public office ~Aesop~ If we got one-tenth...
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    Obama Busted: Birth Certificate Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961!

    Re "no hospital by that name existed until 1978:" Link Removed I'm starting to wonder if obsessive delusionals should be disqualified from owning guns.