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    high danger concealed carry solution

    I found cross carry bags which might be an option for me. Link Removed Any other suggestions?
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    high danger concealed carry solution

    I work at a money serves business and because of our facility I am only really vulnerable when I am opening and closing our store. I have a smart carry and like it but I don't think its ideal for this type of high risk situation as the time it takes to remove the pistol from the holster is time...
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    clip compaction

    The second time I used my Sig p250 .45 at the range the slide would stick back as if the clip was empty. But when I took the clip out to reload there would be 1 or 2 rounds still left in it. This happened 4 times I believe. I asked one guy at the range and he told me it might just need to be...
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    disassembling and laws

    At what disassembly point does the law consider a gun not be gun? I own a Sig p250 which is very easily and quickly disassembled. If I had it on me and went someplace it was not lawful for me to carry but I was fearful of leaving it in my car for instance. Would I get in trouble for having only...
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    All new to me

    I recently got a job at a check cashing store in a bad area of Philadelphia. I had never fired a gun in my life and knew nothing about them. I just bought a Sig P250 full size .45 and got my carry permit from my local sheriff. I took an hour safety and basics coarse at a local gun shop. Carrying...