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    Let's start a new post called, "Girls with Guns".

    Holy smokes!
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    Let's start a new post called, "Girls with Guns".

    I can carry a gun but you can't. That's because I'm special.
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    Let's start a new post called, "Girls with Guns".

    Work on that grip and stance with her just a bit.
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    Do you wonder where your Tax money is going?

    So did Obama actually want to influence the outcome of Israeli elections this week by secretly funding his opposition? With our tax dollars? Link Removed . A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust...
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    Two Cops Shot in Ferguson

    I'll see your photo and raise you one. :sarcastic:
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    Here’s The Explosive Iranian Nuke Ad The Big-3 Networks Didn’t Want You To See.

    They forgot this happened in 1993 in NYC. Exactly. The van drove into the parking garage at world trade, they parked it and left. They didn't have enough explosive power to bring don the building but a few people were killed. Thank God they didn't have a nuke. Thank God they were the gang that...
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    Obama Guts Military as Russia Prepares For War

    Indy, I worry about China too.
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    Are you shopping at one of Target’s Islamic sharia-compliant stores?

    You're supporting Sharia law. Here's a thought... why doe SHE have to work at that store. Why not take a job in an office? Why take a job in a place that handles pork? Why not work in a shoe store and then tell management that in your culture the sole of the foot is unclean and considered an...
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    Muslim Brotherhood Starts New Political Party In Chicago

    We know many Muslims condemn the acts of ISIS. They're absolutely brutal and it doesn't sit well with normal folks. But the same Muslim who is against ISIS is likely pro-Palestinian, pro-Hama or pro-Hezbollah. Remember Hezbollah is an Iranian funded terrorist group who's members hold seats in...
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    Facts can't be denied.

    Only one change needed. Soros should be shoving a fellow Jew into the gas chamber. In his interview with Diane Sawyer he spoke of Nazi occupied Germany as the best times in his young Jewish life. He worked for the Wehrmacht fingering Jews to be shipped to concentration camps. When asked if had...
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    Facts can't be denied.

    Uhgggg! Get educated. READ!!! Here's the real numbers and the sources. Stop posting bull$h!t just to argue. . Let's start with Welfare: Blacks constitute 13.2% of the U.S. population and account for 39.8% of all Welfare Whites constitute 77.7% of the U.S. population and account for 38.8% of...
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    Are you shopping at one of Target’s Islamic sharia-compliant stores?

    We stopped shopping at Target after the big data breach. It was aggravating to replace my debit and credit card. . Regarding the store policy? Here's the job description. Please read it. Is there any duty in the job description you're unwilling to perform? Ok, please write your objections on the...
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    22 Islamic Terror Training Camps On US Soil

    As usual you quoted a source that isn't a source. Disreputable as best. Crazy a least. NBC dumped Brian Williams because it was factual. Williams admitted it. The O'Reilly sources are agenda driven liars, thus he's still on and challenging anyone to prove it. Without proof... go away.
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    Kerry says the world is safer today than ever.

    What's wrong with you? He isn't white. He was born in Kuwait and raised there until he was six years old. Look at a close-up of that face, eyes and eyebrow. It is not the face of a white man. He's been trying to join the Jihadi for many years. HE IS MIDDLE-EASTERN. Why don't you understand the...
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    22 Islamic Terror Training Camps On US Soil

    Do some homework. Look-up Calverton gun range and terrorism. Then READ!!!!