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    Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death

    Link Removed Apparently the guy was psychotic or something. Still, its hard to believe anyone could do that.
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    Interview questions for legal counsel?

    I am trying to establish myself with a local attorney so that I will have someone available if the need arises (self-defense shooting, etc.). I have a few choices and would like to talk to each to see which is the best "fit"'. What questions should I ask? Would it be odd to just tell them I...
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    New Fenix flashlight

    Got a new flashlight yesterday....Fenix P3D LED. Anyone else have one of these? I love it so far. Four different light levels from 12-215 lumens, plus strobe and all for only about $60. It's made in China, so not sure about the quality, but it seems pretty solid so far. It's small enough to...
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    May have to change my screen name...

    Stumbled upon a new pistol last week. I went to the local gun shop to see about selling/trading a couple of my pistols that I don't shoot very much. I happened to mention to the owner that I would like to find something a little more slim than my CZ RAMI for carry. He pulled out a Kahr CW9...
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    My wife finally did it....

    she took and passed her concealed carry class today! Now all we have to do is pay the sheriff his $100 next week and wait on the background check and she's set. Luckily, our county is pretty quick (mine only took 1 week to be approved) so we shouldn't have to wait too long. Anyone have any...
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    Kahr CW9?

    Anyone have any experience with the Kahr CW9? I have a chance to procure one NIB, but I don't have any experience with the Kahr line. I've read several posts on other forums that seem to be pretty positive, but thought I'd get some more input before I "pull the trigger", so to speak. Thanks.