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I am trying to establish myself with a local attorney so that I will have someone available if the need arises (self-defense shooting, etc.). I have a few choices and would like to talk to each to see which is the best "fit"'. What questions should I ask? Would it be odd to just tell them I am looking to have someone on speed dial "just in case"? Thanks for the input.

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I agree checkintg to see if any are recomended by the NRA or perhaps a local gun club/shooting range.
I dont know if the NRA has a list of attorneys but i would certainly check with them.

When i was choosing one when i lived in MI, i asked around at the gun club and got two good references. Also if you know of anyone in LE that you could ask. Typically the attorneys LEO's have to defend themselves are well versed in the use of lethal force.
One question i would certainly ask the potentials lawyer is:
"How many people charged with some degree of murder have you represented that were aqquited because the shooting was self defense" ?

I found one at a local gun show. I talked with his wife at great length, but haven't set up an appt. with him yet. I do keep his business card on hand & keep one at the house in the event my wife needs to call.
Talk to local LEOs and find out who FOP or PBA in you area uses. They will know other lawyers who are local and good gun rights people.
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