wisconsin permitt anyone get their permitt yet?


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post the first one to get thier Wisconsin permitt in the mail and what day you sent it in.

Wow Thats a fast turn around. Congrats. I mailed my app in on sat the 5th at 12 noon. not back yet.
had to wait for my dd-214 to get here and that took for ever( 2 months) so maybe in thats a est of how fast they are going it could be here by the 19th of nov giving them two weeks. that beat Washington state that took a month.
I mailed mine on the morning of the 1st but since I'm in so far north it didn't get delivered till the morning of the 3rd so there are probably a lot of people in front of me. Yet I still cross my fingers every time I check the mail.
I mailed mine the first, live in green bay and nothing yet. I too cross my fingers everyday when I get home from work to see an envelope sitting there.
Mailed mine out on the first. Still waiting! Kinda makes me look forward to getting the mail!
I see the check went through my account on the 9th. That should mean I'm moving up. O.K., I'll settle for a higher number.
Utah permit will suffice...

Since I can't get a permit of your fine state...I will just use my UT permit while traveling within your fine borders.
The news said 30,000 applications have been received as of the 9th and 3,689 have been approved. If you do the math it's less than 500 per day, I don't see how they could honor the 45 day or less rule.
Mailed mine on the 7th. In other forums I've seen people who gave mailed theirs on the 3rd get theirs. Permit numbers in the 9000's. Probably a week or two more at least.

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