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I just traded for a winchester 1300 defender and want to swap the pistol grip for the stock but don't know how to swap it out. there must be an easy way to do it but cant figure it out.

just looked at mine and it bolts thru the stock so I would assume the pistol grip does the same, look for a removable cap etc at rear of grip ??? do you have a stock set for it??? I have a complete wood set forarm and stock extra for mine. If you need 1 let me know.
I got a synthetic stock/ rack. came NIB. I'll check the end cap on the grip and let you know what I break....errr find.
now for my next do you unload it? I racked a round in it and realized I can't transport it to the range loaded. it won't just rack again and eject the round.
yes mine has the black plastic furniture also but I picked up a set of wood for it at a gun show here that had neve been installed on a gun before. I like to go out and shoot trap with mine to keep my reflexez sharp I generally start from the low ready position and bring it up and snap shoot. they are a nice HD shotgun.

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