which National news reporter took shooting classes?


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I remember a few years ago that a national news reporter took shooting lessons and reported her findings on national TV. She wanted to know what it was like to take shooting classes, procedures for purchasing a gun, etc. I thought the reporter was Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric, but can't find anything about the article.
Does anyone know who that news reporter was?

Can't remember the name right now but she used to be on Fox new cable. She has been gone for over a year
I think. She and her husband both went. I know she went too Front Site at one least trip because a friend was
in her class.
Any ideas on where to find that info?

I can't believe that nothing is coming up on the internet! You can find answers to any question, except that specific one.... Good God! You'd almost think that the media is keeping that one hush-hush, or something...
You're awesome Dave

Thank you so much. What was her agency? Fox News national or some local affiliate?
I think I have one of the videos right here:
Firearms Training News
Firearms Training News

I thought Diane Sawyer had done it, too, but she did a piece about a classroom scenario that was rigged. The "bad guy" was an instructor or competition shooter, or something. The newbies with minimal training didn't have a chance against those odds. The newbies should have had another newbie play BG because how many classroom killers are competition shooters, instructors, etc?

I'm still looking for the piece I thought I remembered seeing- she is actually out on the range shooting with an instructor...I thought?
Very cool. How about a great laugh?

I get the USCCA (US Concealed Carry Association) magazine (Concealed Carry Magazine). One of the articles talks about a man who runs "frequent introductory pistol classes". He writes about a 3-word email he got; "I HATE GUNS". He asks why. She talks about all the bad and tragic events involving guns. He tells her how he understands her concerns, but also outlines the 'good' purposes of guns. He challenges her to come to a free basic pistol class, she accepts, and likes it.She gets her CCW and a gun at a gun show. ...And everyone is happy...
The gist of the article is, basically, true justice and a really good laugh. I got a good hoot out of that....
Check out the USCCA site, if you don't already have a subscription. I like it. Good reading.

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