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What is a patriotic American I wonder?

In this day and age there seems to be all kinds of Americans, liberal, conservative, left, right, Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. What is a true American I'm wondering?

Does a true American believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and future of this great nation and their prodigy, or want to change it for a utopian world and society? Give up our individual sovereign national freedoms and way of life for a one world global bow to the crown existence? Is that American?

Is it American to work your tail off to provide for you and your family, and by force of law, take what you earn in taxes and squander it for generational welfare or to foreign countries, both of which diminishes your ability to provide for your family?

Does a patriotic American or government strive to remove the Pledge of Allegiance from all schools and public gatherings? Remove all vestiges of reverence to God in the class room and public gatherings? Strive to remove all semblance of Christmas displays public and private unless all inclusive? Is that the America your forefathers would be proud of and got killed and maimed fighting for? Are we growing to big for our own britches and need put in our place?

I may be old fashion and out of touch with the political main stream but, I see our nation crumbling and going down the road to self destruction before my very own eyes. As said, “a house divided against itself can not stand”, and to me that says America.

In the last 100 years of our national sovereignty, knowledge and technology has exponentially increased and wisdom and common sense has exponentially decreased by the same amount. A little more than 100 years ago the fastest a person could travel was about 35 M.P.H. by horse back, and look at where we are today. Thousands of years of humans evolving on planet earth, then all of a sudden in 100 years, an explosion of knowledge. Go figure, but I do know why.

To name just a couple major recent historical changes in our society as reflected by law: A murderous rapist has more rights with the state than the victim and family of the deceased. The unborn have no legal or moral standing under U.S. Law and are disposed of as trash. Without naming specific crimes, hate laws have been passed for certain segments of society that makes us unequal in the eyes of the law. The government is calling good evil and evil good and calling for U.S. to embrace and celebrate it?

At my old age I had the opportunity to talk to many grandfathers, great-grandfathers and old timers who served in World War II. If I were old enough to personally talk to veterans of WW I and all the other wars previously fought for our nation, I'm sure their opinions would be united. I don't believe they would say they lost a limb(s), life, eye sight, mental capacity or disfigurement for the America we are and are on the road to. We are self destructing and a moral mess.

By a show of hands, how many of you respect the last measure of self your forefathers gave to preserve our way of life and want to preserve it, that of our great nation and our children's inheritance?

The wife and I are investigating/exploring moving to another country....expatriating..
You bet.
Most folks have no F'ing clue just how short their days are here.
Move, make the other losers move, fight with the constitution. If you tell Obama no enough times he will have a stroke.
The wife and I are investigating/exploring moving to another country....expatriating..
You bet.
Most folks have no F'ing clue just how short their days are here.

LOL... just where the hell are you going to move to? Mexico? Canada? (Already Socialist) Seriously... just where the hell are you wanting to run off to that is better than what we should be fighting for right here?

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