What do you all think of this method?

Maybe even a big fake moustache. :laugh:

I would prefer to carry with one in the pipe. Too much time wasted.
Maybe even a big fake moustache. :laugh:

I would prefer to carry with one in the pipe. Too much time wasted.

Yeah, too much time. I've always wondered why the Israeli's carried with an empty chamber. The vast majority at one time carried Browning Hi-Powers and I guess the Single Action thing with a small safety may have been one reason. Last time I was there I saw a few Colt 1911's in .38 Super and 45 auto, but mostly 9mm Glocks, CZ-75's and a Baby Desert Eagle or two. I just can't see the Double Action guns being carried like that. But what the hell. The Israeli's have usually used weapons and training that worked for them, so who the hell am I to say one way or the other.

I remember watching a Dignitary Protection Team guy, with an Uzi subgun with the folding stock in a shoulder holster. On signal, he could draw, unsnap and straighten the shoulder stock and put it to his shoulder and double tap the target, in less that a second and a half. He carried one in the chamber, as the Uzi has a grip safety and a manual safety. It was strange, the way he got it out and on target, but it worked. And it worked very fast.

One other cool thing about Israel and their guns. I'm not sure about their laws, but if I understood the way they explained it, all Israeli citizens can own a couple of handguns and long guns and may carry openly if they train and qualify on the range.( Not sure about concealed) They have to limit their amount of ammunition in the home to 100 rounds per gun I think, but they can easily purchase more at the ranges. The Government also will distribute ammo to the citizens in times of national emergency. I saw 2 school teachers walking to school with messenger bags across their shoulder and each had an AR-15 slung on the shoulder, muzzle down with double mags. Can you imagine your teacher toting an AR into the classroom and leaning it against the desk as he sits. I doubt seriously that the Murdering Columbine Coneheads would have gotten more than a shot off, before they were smoke poled by a teacher or principal. COOL!!!

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