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Hi everyone,

I was thinking about applying for a RI non-resident ccw. I figured I'd post here and see if anyone has done it recently, and how it worked out, before I send them my $40. As far as "showing need," I don't have much: only two reasons. First, I'm an NRA instructor, and if I ever taught a class up in RI, I'd like to be able to carry my firearm. This one is true, but unlikely, not all that important, and I doubt they'd consider it. Second, I'm a photography enthusiast (can't really call myself a "photographer") and over the last year, I've been travelling to several states with my equipment. I can show that I carry over $3,000 in equip, and I would like to be able to cc in RI, which I would like to visit in the near future. Also true, and I hope they might consider this one.

So what do you think? Is there a chance they might approve my application, or would it be faster just to flush the $40? :laugh: Anyone apply recently? Any tips, suggestions, recommendations to wake up and face the music? Thanks!

ETA: I've heard that paperwork helps in RI; not sure if that's true, but I do have permits from several other states.

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mrjam - ended up never persuing it. I heard they are even stricter now, so I didn't bother. Also, I didnt want to have the "permit denied" explanation to give from now on.

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