We The People Stimulus Package


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O.K. guys and gals... Here's an opportunity to let our elected officials know how we feel. Its peaceful and inexpensive, involving little more than your time and a few stamps. Hopefully some will hear our hue and cry!
YouTube - We The People Stimulus Package]

I agree 100%. can you supply a link to our congressional reps? I'm getting my tea bags right now. I wonder if the envelopes with the tea bags will even get through security screening.

Here you go, just type in zip code or use the map and select your state/county. Each representitive will have their picture. Click on the 'info' link below their picture. Once there, use the 'contact' tab and it will give all of their contact info, (address, phone, e-mail).

NRA-ILA :: Action Center

Hopefully enough people take the time and effort to do something. Far too many of us sit around and complain, but take no action themselves. I think all of the efforts right now will at least let them know that WE ARE NOT HAPPY! The action being suggested in the '2nd Amendment' forum is another good example of doing something.

I also hope that the 2A march being planned in Washington draws millions. I know that the above video is not pointed soley at the 2nd amendment but at how our country is being run in general. (About which I am not happy).

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