We The People of CT, INC - New Constitutional Lobby

Independence weekend launched a new lobby group in CT. The first of it's kind. I'll sigh a little when there are one of these in all 57 states (pun intended)

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A permanent grassroots, non-partisan network of informed people committed to the personal duty of Citizen vigilance in the cause of seeing Constitutional Governance and accountability,at city/town,state and national levels,by raising the consciousness of our citizens beyond politics and parties, to those principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our Charters of Freedom - the Supreme Law of the Land.

An institution that avoids all political discussion and doesn't rely on the electoral process to achieve accountability in government.

An organization comprised of citizens throughout the state who have a communication system and are organized and financed in order to:

Effectively and consistently monitor the office of public officials in their city/town, state and federal levels of government.

Measure the actions of their public servants against the requirements of their city charters,state and federal Constitutions and laws and oaths of office.

In the event of a violation,serve a petition for redress of grievance and instructions of remedy, as protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution,upon all parties involved.

Make the public aware of the violation and remedy and apply public pressure on the serving parties to reply and/or comply with the remedy.

In the event there is no response, take steps to enforce the Rights of the People that have been violated.

We the People of Connecticut, the Constitution Lobby, seeks to ensure that the power of our system of governance is returned to the People and fulfill their obligation to keep the People free.

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