Walther PPX 9 mm


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I have several Walther semi auto pistol, the PPX 9mm is a great firearm. The PPX compliments my BUG PPS 9mm. I have my eye on the new PPQ 9mm by Walther.


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After all the reports I have read on the PPQ Vs PPX I have found that the PPX edges out the PPQ by an overall score out of ten PPX 8 PPQ 7. I do plan on looking at the PPQ and the P99 down the road in the near future. Being a 100% VA Army Veteran in a wheelchair (Power Chair) I have to spend what I can afford. Also as a Disabled Veteran I was injured on the Job and was forced out of worked by OWCP at 69% and SSDI at 31% with statement that I could never work again as I do have PTSD from Vietnam/Cold War era.

The main differences I have read on the PPQ it reminds me of a Glock Cone, The PPX slide has an extremely high bore axis, which reminds me of shooting a SIG Sauer P-226. PPX does not have interchangeable Back Straps. The PPQ has as an Option Night Sights, PPQ not as heavy as the PPX. As long as the firearm feels comfortable in my hand and the results are shown on the target down range I am satisfied. I am also a fan of the Ruger GP 100 4" barrel in a shoulder holster that I do carry from time to time.

I understand what you are saying, I think, but one must understand that I was sold on the many reports I have read on each firearm. If the firearm fully load goes bang when squeezing the trigger and hitting it's target at 20 plus yards telling me this is an excellent firearm.

Thanks for you input

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