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I have been considering changing my bank to Woodforest because it is open odd hours instead of 9-5 m-f which better suits my schedule.
Since the branch is in WalMart, where I usually conceal carry, what does this mean? Do I have to leave my piece in the car if I go shop at WM and plan to stop at the bank? Since the bank iis in a commercial rented space, is it technically a "Bank" under the statute where I can't legally carry concealed? Seems like the ATM is actually outside the line in the WalMart area so that wouldn't be a problem.

Or do I just ask the WalMart customer service rep to hold my piece while I run to the bank? LOL (just kidding).


I too use Woodforest, but because it is an actual bank I dont think its allowed to carry there. I have never tried it, but I have open carried past them and they all have seen my piece. they have never complained about it, but have inquired if i was carrying while patronizing their area.
IMO...I think it depends on the layout. For example, my bank is in a supermarket and it is literally a counter in a wall. Standing at the counter to do a transaction I am still on the supermarket's floor. In that case I believe it to be permitted. The optometrist that is in our Walmart is an area that you actually enter to get to the counter. Generally, there is a floor change in this situation...from Walmart tile to optometrist carpet. If this optometrist was your bank then I would say you couldnt do it.

It's along the same lines as the General Store that has a Postal counter. You can walk into the store with your gun and even up to transact with the postal worker. But you can not cross over the "line" of the counter with it.

This is info that I have read on forums...nobody has yet to post any "offical" rulings on these situations.
If you are properly carrying CONCEALED, Why worry about it?

Because in North Carolina, concealed carry in a bank, even with a CHP, is illegal. Go figure. You can open carry in a bank but not CC. I'm sure I'd never be caught, but then i couldn't use the "law-abiding citezen" line anymore.

To me, this is the stupidest law ever. I've just cashed my check, got a wad of $ in my pocket as I'm leaving. Dirtbag is watching and knows it, and I have to leave my piece in the car; or breal the law to protect myself. ....and the cops are just 12 minutes away! Aint life grand.


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