Vehicle Transport Of Handgun In VA?


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I don't have a concealed carry permit yet but figured you all, better than most, would be up on the laws regarding transport I need to know about.

I'll be traveling in VA in my van and wanted to know about taking a handgun with me. I'd prefer to transport it in a lawful way that might provide some utility for self-defense, or I'd just keep it unloaded, cased and locked in the "default" manner federally approved for interstate transport.

These are the notes I made from reading the document on car carry at HandGunLaw. Not being a lawyer, I'm seeking confirmation of a more practical nature on these matters:


- Must inform officer of handgun in vehicle no matter how its transported?

- Open, unconcealed, transport of loaded gun in plain view OK.

- Otherwise must be unloaded and cased? Lock in a case, and out of reach, in a van?

- In state parks, any different?

Any advice or discussion will be appreciated.


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This is straight from the book Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States:

Loaded firearms may be carried in the passenger compartment in plain view or secured in gun cases that are unconcealed; trunk transport is also legitimate for loaded firearms

You can checkout the book here:
Link Removed


Remember that in Va, you can openly carry a loaded pistol in your vehicle as long as it is in plain sight, as well as on your hip. Visit Link Removed for more info on Open Carry.


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Lukem , not in Illinois, I'm from there, almost impossible to transport a gun in any manner, a magazine loaded with no firearm in the car will get you jailed in IL.

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