Utah Non-Resident CFP - Conflicting Advice from BCI


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I just completed the requisite course for my non-resident Utah CFP but I've got a pair of questionable things on my record. First and foremost, a DUI I got back in 2003 when I was in college. The second, a municipal ordinance violation citation for retail theft (or shoplifting, I can't remember) that I received ~13 years ago as a juvenile. I called the Utah BCI, spoke with a female investigator, she told me 6 years for the DUI, answer "Yes" to the question and to attach documentation which is no big deal there since I have the a certified copy of the case disposition. The retail theft is a little murky since it was a municipal ordinance violation and not a misdemeanor and I was a juvenile, both of which I explained to her and she said something like "we don't really look into juvenile records" (which I've found to be complete BS) and basically told me to answer "No" for crimes of moral turpitude. Seems like a bad idea for me to answer "No" to a potential disqualifier, especially if they do find it which I have no idea if they will but I'm not risking it.

I called the BCI a second time, spoke with a male investigator who told me to answer "Yes" for the DUI (so far, so good) and the time period is 5 years from date of arrest (wrong amount of time and "when the clock begins") and that I shouldn't bother attaching any documentation...well, that's not good advice. The I was told to answer "Yes" for the moral turpitude question for the retail theft citation but not bother to attach any supporting documentation since it was "*mumble*long ago*mumble*". Is it just me or does it seem like to extremely bad idea to answer "Yes" to a potential disqualifier without even so much as an explanatory note attached ("I was 17 years old...."). Almost like he wants my application to be denied.

I'm gonna call the BCI again tomorrow and try to get a straight answer so hopefully third time's the charm. Hopefully I can just attach an explanatory note about the retail theft ticket because getting the supporting documents would take a ridiculous amount of time since I live in another state now and the records are all stored off-site. Also, they charge a ton of money for documents and extra for certification. I'd appreciate any advice on how to deal with this because this conflicting advice thing is just straight up ridiculous since these people should both tell me the exact same thing and they didn't even come close. Thanks.


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Gotta love bureaucrats / NOT. I would record the next call (inform them you are recording the conversation) and include a copy with your application.


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Thanks. I got my permit back in November heh. Went with full disclosure. They turned it around in about 45 days plus or minus I can't remember. AZ issued mine in 2 days hehe.

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