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USP Comp LEM, what does LEM mean?

what does USP Comp LEM mean? i know the usp compact, but unsure what LEM stands for. it was off the most recent mass compliant gun roster. if anyone wants to review the list ill provide the link.

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Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) has to do with the trigger. I have a USP Compact .40S&W w/ LEM (variant 7).

Here is great explaination about the LEM:

The LEM Trigger Module - by Rob Rowe
H&K advertises that their LEM trigger has a "very short trigger reset." I found this interesting, because the very long trigger reset is one of the main disadvantages (for me) of my Para Ordnance LDA pistol. I also wondered how they could have a short trigger reset, when the trigger had to move forward into its DAO position after firing. Well, here is one of the main advantages of the H&K LEM trigger over the P-O LDA trigger. After firing an LEM-equipped H&K USP pistol, the slide cycles faster than the shooter can release the trigger. This occurs in all semiauto pistols. If one fires the LEM pistol, and keeps the trigger back after firing, the hammer remains back! At this point, the shooter can let the trigger go forward just a short distance; the trigger will reset, the hammer will stay to the rear, and the pistol will be ready to fire again. If this is done repeatedly, firing the pistol will be just like firing a pistol in SA mode. There will be short trigger pulls of about 5 lbs, short resets, and hammer staying cocked after each shot. However, if the shooter lets the trigger go all the way forward after firing it, the hammer will go forward to its normal just-off-the-firing-pin position. At this point, the pistol will be in the same condition that it was after initially loading, and it may be safely holstered. Although the internal hammer remains cocked, letting the trigger go forward is almost like "decocking" the external hammer, but without having to manipulate a decocking lever.
ook thanks, i was worried for a bit that i could not get a usp compact in the 40sw when i was 21 because im a mass resident, but thats the one that i saw. variant 1 though, safe fire and decock. how do you guys like it? and as an all around handgun? from range to carry
Its a very nice pistol. +1 It is hard to go wrong with HK.

On second thoughts sell it real real cheap ....... TO ME!!!!!!! =)

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