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I've just installed a plugin that allows members to now upload images to the site. I started out with 3 categories but can expand if and when needed.

Link Removed

I'm a little new to this software so please let me know if there's anything that doesn't work or if you have any suggestions.

And before anyone asks, here is an explanation of what Albums are in this software.

Albums are a way for you and your members to mark favorites, sort of like subscribing to threads. Unlike categories, you don't upload to albums. Think of them as an organizational tool for your favorites.
  1. Create an album Link Removed
  2. View Link Removed and click the Album It! link
  3. Go Link Removed again
Please let me know what you think!

I just added a few more features:

1. Random thumbs on the forums homepage.
2. Gallery Image Count and Gallery Comment Post count is now under the User Post Count data in each user's post.
3. When making a post, there is a link for Images under the Smiles box which will open up a list of your uploaded images to add to the post. This is only in Advance posting mode.
4. Uploads and comments are now searchable.
5. The Member's List now shows the latest thumb uploaded and gallery count.
6. Advanced members search now has options for uploaded files or comments.
7. Public Albums are now showing up on the Member Info page.

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