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. I am a new reloader and am looking for load data for the new TTSX bullet. I have selected the 150gr and shoot a Sako 75 Finlight, 1 in 11 twist. The Federal 165 TSX performed well last year on white tail. My current powder inventory is IMR 4895, IMR4320 and VihtaVuori N550 but plan on picking up some Varget and RL15 soon. Thank you as I did not want to have to purchase the #4 book to get these starting loads. I also reload SST 165gr and the old 150 Shirocco. Have not yet decided on trying their new bullet.
Any info on mid speed premium load would be of help. Forgot to add one more question. What are your thoughts about using the 130gr TTSX (308)? Is the lighter bullet going to beform better on white tail given the increase in speed?
Thank You again

Load Fired

I am answering my own post in case it may help others. I shot a bunch of loads last week and found one that shot very good. TTSX 150, 45gr of IMR 4895, COL 2.785, Win Nic brass, Win primmer, vel 2730fps. Group was .430 for 3 shots from Sako75 Finnlight.

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